Mandell’s Gallery Exhibition

Joint show with Ainslie Yule November 2014

Elm Hill, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1HN.

Images Of The Private View

Images Of The Private View

Elspeth Barker - Mary Mellor - small2 Elspeth Barker wrote of Mary Mellor’s work:  “Mary Mellor’s painted reliefs glow with colour. Densely and smoothly applied mauves, soft pinks and clear pale blues, lull the eye and seem to offer solace. But then you notice the underlying geometry of meticulously cut forms, often jagged triangles or slashing diagonals, overlaid again by rectilinear structures and occasional enigmatic discs. Sometimes a couple of tiny figures stand above a giddy drop, engaged in amiable discourse. From a rooftop or a lofty horizontal a jaunty climber flourishes his hat. Elsewhere a single woman considers her peaceful destiny. No one is going to jump, no one will fall. The energy is all in the tightly controlled composition, most dazzlingly apparent in the lightning strike of violent reds and yellows which cross the largest work ‘Light Gleams An Instant…’, nothing is as it seems.”

Figures In A Relief

Figures In A Relief



‘Less is More’ at The Forum, Norwich, 15th-21st April 2013


Euclid's Dream

Euclid’s Dream

From May 15th – 21st April 2013 the Forum in Norwich hosted an exhibition of work by Mary Mellor, Derek Morris, Vanessa Pooley and Andrew Schumann, all artists living in Norfolk who work in 3D.

This collaboration brought together the work of four mature people who have spent decades spent developing and refining ideas. The work is in no way gimmicky; it is simply considered and polished work of a calm and reflective nature.

While my own designs emerge from the geometry of the rectangle, Andrew Schumann is absorbed by the magical reality of our world, by its underlying deep simplicity and interconnectedness. Vanessa’s work allows her to process her thoughts and feelings; it is full of fun and the joy of life. Derek’s recent work contains grids of one kind or another, inspired by photographs of protected windows in the village of Mosset in the Pyrenees.


Prize Win at Art Alive


Light Gleams an Instant. 2013.

My relief ‘Light Gleams an Instant’ was one of five prizewinners at the open exhibition ‘Art Alive’ at the Norwich Assembly House.

The exhibition is on until 8th May 2013.

Salthouse Blues at Norwich Castle Museum

Salthouse Blues at Norwich Castle Museum

In 2013 a relief ‘ Salthouse Blues’ made as a site specific piece for an exhibition at Salthouse Church, was purchased by the NCAS for the Norwich Castle Museum permanent collection.